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Kameo Warrior Movies

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Individual Warrior Showcase Movies for Kameo: Elements of Power

  • Movies highlighting the strengths and powers of each of Kameo's Warrior forms in Xbox 360 title Kameo: Elements of Power, created by Rare Ltd. and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2005.


Status: Live

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FileSHA1 HashSize
40_Below_Showcase.wmv71f65ae107c793a465e717b6d479e17d12510a598.23 MB
Ash_Showcase.wmvbef9b40f25410ee3f1da8ebb1b1a461f6f2b688b7.47 MB
Chilla_Showcase.wmvf4a16da8a192bb6dbd8c8816a201e1b9eddb31a39.20 MB
Deep_Blue_Showcase.wmv56d47818306a108e3cb8499f7f359e0d264b84d46.20 MB
Flex_Showcase.wmv820a0b1423fef649fd8bdff11a1364fe345a3b6f8.23 MB
Major_Ruin_Showcase.wmvd6cf0ce910a5766427f39e3d47c574aee6abd3ba6.38 MB
Pummel_Weed_Showcase.wmv74052ed8f9fca5ec9078ca46a33a6d2efe0d59359.35 MB
Rubble_Showcase.wmvc704dc8e55aa38a6e8c6e98de14ac95e9f3041996.00 MB
Snare_Showcase.wmv9b7f2e78b6859fd6cde89b7ffa66eff64e9967ff9.07 MB
Thermite_Showcase.wmv8559696aa95f1652c15e345804b67c467d766b489.68 MB
Warrior_Combos.wmv5070f1b995b58cfa59abb3a775e97981f7a053e44.93 MB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Windows Media Player

Installation Instructions

  • Select a movie to view by Warrior name, then use Windows Media Player to view.