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IbarraReal font download for Windows Users

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  • Version: 1.5
  • Category: Redistributable Component
  • Language: English

This download provides Windows users with the Ibero-American cultural font IbarraReal.

  • IbarraReal is a public-domain font of Ibero-American character, created in 2005 as a revival of the types cast by Jerónimo Gil for the Royal Spanish Academy's edition of Don Quixote, printed in Madrid by Joaquín Ibarra in 1780. Its elegant design mixes tradition and modernity and is a genuine badge of Spanish culture.


Status: Live

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FileSHA1 HashSize
Signed/IbarraReal-Bold.otfcb048513d10d9082775fe53a2dcf3b4a2d1d4c6d30 KB
Signed/IbarraReal-BoldItalic.otfb91aae0250cfecec7bddf0bc1b6ffb3441a89c5134 KB
Signed/IbarraReal-Italic.otfec1cd84b90c7f22a0ade53af9c0dfaf273eb9b2333 KB
Signed/IbarraReal-Regular.otf3d2344fa469083a5094a310ea95e9950e1781d8272 KB
Signed/Readme.txtf934eef8ded81856398d0441e13128591ac320561 KB

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Windows

Installation Instructions

  • Follow the steps found here to install the font on Windows: