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Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express

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  • Version: SP2
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This is the full version of Search Server 2010 Express.​

  • For customers just getting started with search, Search Server 2010 Express is a standalone search server that is free to download and easy to deploy. It incorporates many enhancements over its predecessor, Search Server 2008 Express.

    Search Server 2010 Express delivers powerful, web-style search across your corporate intranet sites quickly, easily, and for free. Search Server Express delivers great entry-level search through an engaging, conversational user experience across 51 languages. Search all your content sources, including SharePoint sites, file shares, websites, Exchange Public Folders, and third party repositories.


Status: Live

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System Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012

  • Hardware requirements

    Processor: 64-bit, quad-core, 2.5 GHz or higher.

      4 GB for stand-alone or evaluation installation.

      8 GB for production use.

      16 GB for production use if SQL server is running on the same machine.

    Software Requirements depend on configuration. Click here for details regarding your configuration scenario.

    More information about the Operating System requirements:

    • The 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 Standard, Enterprise, Data Center, or Web Server with Service Pack 2 (SP2). If you are running Windows Server 2008 without SP2, the Microsoft SharePoint Products Preparation Tool installs Windows Server 2008 SP2 automatically.
    • The 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Enterprise, Data Center, or Web Server.

Installation Instructions

  • To install this download:

      1. Download the file by clicking the Download button (above) and saving the file to your hard disk.

      2. Double-click on the SearchServerExpress.exe program file on your hard disk to start the Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express splash screen.

      3. From the splash screen, you can follow the link to read the installation instructions.

      These installation instructions are also available online here.

    Instructions for use:

      1. Additional online documentation can be accessed on Microsoft TechNet.

      2. For further information about Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express, including links to online forums and bug reporting, visit the product website.

    To uninstall this download:

      1. On the Start menu, point to Settings and then click Control Panel.

      2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.

      3. In the list of currently installed programs, select Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express and then click Remove or Add/Remove. if a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program.

      Click Yes or OK to confirm that you want to remove the program.